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Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - March 2023

In March 2023, the GTA housing market was tighter than last year but showed signs of resurgence. Average selling prices were down 14.6% YoY but up slightly from Feb 2023. Sales volume decreased by 36.5% but jumped by 44.2% from Feb 2023. Improving sales volume and stability in prices show buyers and sellers are coming back.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - February 2023

Sales volume fell from this time last year, but actual inventory fell even more. Demand continued to shift to the more affordable home types, especially those under the $1M price. Despite an 18% drop in home prices from last year, there was a slight bounce up 5.5% from January.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - January 2023

In Jan '23, Toronto real estate market saw stability from the previous month, but a significant drop from last year with 16.4% decrease in average home prices and 44.6% decline in sales volume. BoC suggested it may hold interest rates depending on the economic outlook.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - December 2022

In 2022, the GTA saw 75,140 home sales, a low not seen since 2008. This is a 38.2% decrease from 2021’s record breaking high of 121,639. Average selling price was $1,189,850, which was up 8.6% from $1,095,333 in 2021.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - November 2022

TRREB reported fewer sales and new listings compared to last year due mostly to higher borrowing costs. From Oct 2022, average prices and sales volume of all housing types went through decline except detached homes, which had some price support after experiencing the greatest price drops from this year's peak.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - October 2022

Average sale prices and volumes have remained steady for the previous three months. While most home types decreased in value from last year, condos retained their value best. Affordability and economic uncertainty continue to be issues affecting demand, which seems balanced with relatively low new inventory.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - September 2022

The effects of inflation, interest rate hikes, and improved supply were not able to curb modest price growth from the previous month. There was still some demand to buy, but not at the same prices as last year, especially for detached homes, leaving many listings still active.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - August 2022

Prices similar to last month and last year. Volume up from last month and down 34.2% from last year. Sales of detached homes were stronger relative to others compared to last month while prices remained down year-over-year. Increased interest rates will likely continue to apply pressure on prices.

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