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Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - December 2021

While sales and prices have come down from November, active listings decreased 59%. Supply pressures resulted in price growth YoY especially in low-rise segments.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - November 2021

Sales volume and prices up 3.3% and 31.7% while new listings down 13.2%, showing continued supply issues. Growing population and economic recovery may lead to higher sales activity in more affordable home types.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - October 2021

Demand and sales prices persisted with modest sales activity growth from September, except condo apartment prices decrease slightly. Low inventory counteracted usual seasonal declines.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - September 2021

September showed growing demand for more affordable home segments. Increased volume of condo sales drove overall volume and still had price growth. Low rises sustained low supply and significant price growth.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - August 2021

SAlthough sales activity slowed in line with seasonality, low supply still met with strong demand to keep prices up. TRREB points to immigration and federal party positions on affordable housing as future influences.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - June 2021

Sales volume decreased but is still high for this time of year. New and active listings decreased further squeezing sales prices upward. Population growth said to be resurging.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - June 2021

Sales figures up compared to last year but somewhat similar to May 2021. Volume remained stable while new listings fell, continuing supply squeeze. More demand expected with reduced COVID restrictions and immigration resuming in months.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - May 2021

Slightly fewer sales than last two months although average prices still push upward. While economic recovery and low borrowing costs fueled buyer confidence, population growth was behind pace. Demand remains strong while new and active listings ebb higher.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - April 2021

Numbers are strong compared to this time last year when COVID impact was arguably its greatest. Sales showed slowing down compared to last month possibly due to pool of buyers showing exhaustion. Selling prices remained high in part due to low borrowing costs and strong demand.

Toronto Real Estate Market Stats - March 2021

Strong buyer demand continued into March while new and active listings gain more traction. Considering COVID-19 measures were enacted mid-March 2020, we still saw 41% more sales activity compared to the 1st half of March 2020 and 174% in the 2nd half.

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